• Dobri Hristov

    Dobri Hristov

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  • George Frideric Handel

    George Frideric Handel

    Compositions quantity: 2

  • Haydn Franz Joseph

    Haydn Franz Joseph

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    Franz Joseph Haydn was born on March 31 or April 1, 1732, into a peasant family in Rau (Burgenland, Lower Austria). His father, Matthias Haydn, was a carriage maker, and his mother, Maria Koller, served as a cook in the family of Count Harrach, the owner of the estate in Rau.

  • Hladkyy Hordiy Pavlovych

    Hladkyy Hordiy Pavlovych

    Compositions quantity: 2

    Hordii Pavlovych Hladkyi (c. 1849, Kostiantynohrad district - 1894, Poltava) was a Ukrainian choral conductor, music teacher[1], and composer. Author of music to Taras Shevchenko's poem "Testament"

  • Huno Sharl

    Huno Sharl

    Compositions quantity: 2